We love bringing the story of your wedding day to life and seeing your happy tears

“Less than 24 hours after the wedding and we have our previews. Looking back through them I have cried again! They truly have captured the most magical day!”

Hi there…

Thanks so much for stopping by! We’re Tracey and Jodie, a wife and wife team with a real passion for creating memories through photo and film. We recently tied the knot ourselves at St Tewdrics House, so we genuinely understand the rollercoaster of emotions you’re experiencing right now. It’s an awesome and sometimes stressful experience, putting together an epic wedding day, but it’s so worth it!

How incredible that we can still experience the wedding excitement with our wonderful couples, we’re so lucky to have a job where we can share in the days emotions and happiness.

Outside of weddings, we make time for family adventures with our teenage daughter, Eden, and love to travel all over the world. Our next holiday is in Costa Rica, we really want to see a sloth in the wild! Those long arm, big eyes and long claws – there’s something so adorable about them. It’s funny how, no matter where we travel, we always stumble upon a local wedding. One of our most memorable experiences was being invited to a dazzling Indian wedding in Jaipur!

At home, we’re greeted by our two fluffy rescue cats, Saffie and Princess, who are always up for a fluffy tummy rub and some dreamies. We love woodland walks and start most days off with a refreshing dip in our ice bath, (some months are definitely easier than others!).

Two women posing for a photo on the beach.

Jodie is also a Zumba and dance instructor (she loves a little bop while working the dance floor taking pictures)! Tracey is an author of educational books (and a self confessed geek).

Two women posing for a photo in a gym with a ukrainian flag.

Our editing office is split into Jodie’s slightly messy, or should we say creative side, full of glittery notebooks and inspirational quotes. Tracey has a minimalist and organised side with a place for everything and lots of labels (and stationary). It seems to work for us though; we have very different skills which allow us to make the perfect photography and videography team.

Over the past ten years, we’ve had the privilege of meeting countless beautiful couples, each one unique and special in their own way. YOUR love story is important to you, your family, friends and to us! 

Two women standing next to a train with glasses of wine.

We’re not just about taking pictures and films; we’re about creating an experience – we love what we do and we’ve been told it comes across on the day.

When working with us, you’ll find that we have a personal touch, always ready to help, whether keeping a close on on your timings (what bride wants to wear a watch on her wedding day?!), popping on your veil, or just being a calming presence.

Two women in pink shirts taking a selfie in a park.

We’ll guide you in creating the most stunning images and films, offering gentle styling tips, creative ideas and suggestions. Don’t worry, nothing will feel forced or awkward – that’s a promise! We cover all types of weddings, from elopements, to huge celebrations at every kind of venue you can think of.

Over the years, we have worked at castles, hotels, registry offices, stately homes, barns, farms, woodlands and even a zoo! It’s important for us to get to know you as a couple and discovering all of those littles details which make your wedding truly personal to you. 

The best images are taken when you are fully in the moment, feeling relaxed and looking radiant. We also love engaging with your guests, ensuring they feel at ease and are an integral part of your big day. You chose them for a reason, and if they’re special to you, they’re important to us.

Two women walking down a path near a body of water.

Our most popular combined package means that we have your photography and videography captured with ease, with the two of us working effortlessly together. 

If you’re ever in the Yate, North Bristol area, you are so welcome to drop by our office. The kettle’s always on, and we have an endless supply of biscuits. Let’s chat about your exciting wedding plans! If you’re not nearby, we’d love to arrange a call or video meet each other.

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We offer destination weddings too – If you’re planning a wedding in the Maldives, let us know – our bags are packed and ready to go!

We would be honoured if you trusted us to be just a small part of your big day.

We’d love to talk…

Jodie and Tracey xx