• Clevedon Hall wedding
    Wedding photography

    Clevedon Hall wedding

    We found ourselves in an unusual situation for this Clevedon Hall wedding. The groom was my dad and I was a bridesmaid! Jodie took the reigns on the photography. I jumped in when we needed two of us, helping to organise group photos, the couples session, first dance etc. The rest of the time I was busy looking glamorous and finding out how it felt to be on the other side of the lens!! Don’t worry, Jodie was well fed and looked after. There may even have been a cocktail or two later that night… The venue was the fabulous Clevedon Hall, North Somerset. The sun was shining, the birds…

  • Wedding sweet cart
    Planning your day

    Wedding sweet cart

    No wedding is complete without a wedding sweet cart for your guests in the evening. The party often doesn’t start until quite late, and even with a buffet on its way, everyone enjoys nibbling on some sweets. It’s not just for the kids, the adults will be first in line to grab some treats and maybe even bring a little one up to the table as an excuse!! There are plenty of great companies that will bring a fully stocked sweet cart along to your big day, but why not create your own and make it personal and themed with the rest of your day? You can buy pretty much everything you need…

  • wedding timings
    Planning your day

    Timings, timings, timings!

    You’ve probably spent the best part of a year planning your big day, from the teeny tiny details to choosing the venue and the menu for the wedding breakfast. If you’re working with a wedding planner and having the whole wedding in one place – from getting ready, through to the big party in the evening, then they’ll help you with all the timings for your day. But if you will be using multiple venues – getting ready at home, service at a church, breakfast and party at a hotel etc, you need to plan your day carefully. The day will fly by and you want to take your time…