Seductive. Flirtatious. Beautiful

We are North Bristol’s premier Boudoir studio and specialise in helping woman discover their seductive, flirtatious and glamorous side (no matter how well hidden). All of our boudoir shoots include the use of a wide range of props, sumptuous fabrics and backdrops for your chosen theme. Along with professional photographic make up application and strip lashes you’ll be feeling ready to discover your inner model. Your photos will be expertly edited and any areas you may be self conscious of can be digitally retouched or cleverly concealed (feather fan anyone!?). While Tracey is on hand with the camera, Jodie will be your personal stylist and help you into the most flattering poses and positions. It really is a fun and relaxed experience and you certainly don’t need to know anything about modelling.  

Upon arrival to our private studio you can choose from a range of refreshments including a glass of bubbly. You’ll have the chance to tell us about your favourite areas of your body and any body parts that you don’t want on show or perhaps stretch marks/tattoos/bruises you would like retouching so we can ensure you feel totally empowered and comfortable with the whole experience.

Approximately 14 days after the photo shoot, you will have a selection of between 15 and 35, high quality and expertly retouched images to choose from (depending on the package booked).  You’ll receive access to a private online photo gallery of your finished pictures to choose from, so there’s no need for another visit to the studio.  All of our Boudoir packages include at least one product and you will be able to order a wide range of prints or the digital images from our competitive price list from the comfort of your own home.


We appreciate that a Boudoir shoot can seem a little nerve wracking but there is no need to worry, everyone leaves our studio with a big smile and eagerly waiting to see the finished product. If you prefer to bring a friend along for a little moral support you are more than welcome.  We’ll send you a complete guide on how to prepare for your shoot and some helpful hints and tips.

We often hear “I never have any nice pictures of myself!”.  You are beautiful and we will show you.  We’ll ensure your hair and make up are looking fabulous throughout and keep you topped up with refreshments. After all, it’s as much about the experience as the finished images.

Bridal Boudoir

Looking for a bridal shoot? Just let us know when you make your booking. These sexy, intimate photos, are the perfect gift for your partner to be. Our Boudoir prints and albums make the perfect wedding night or honeymoon gift that will really grab your partners attention and have them rushing to the Altar!!  You can bring along your tiara, veil, flowers, wedding underwear or anything else personal to you and your wedding day and photos can be as covered or revealing as you feel comfortable with.  We also have a selection of bridal items at your disposal.

This is the ideal opportunity to show off your bridal underwear, veil and shoes or the perfect opportunity to go shopping for some new stunning lingerie.  You can choose to reveal as much or as little as you feel comfortable with and no matter what your age, shape or size we’ll ensure you are completely comfortable and looking fabulous darling!  What better way to give them a personal and romantic wedding gift that they will treasure?