Wedding confetti
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How to get the perfect wedding confetti photo

The original wedding confetti was grain or seeds. It was thrown to bestow fertility upon the bride and groom so that their marriage would be as fruitful as the grain. The word confetti comes from the Italian word for confectionary or sweet.

Wedding confetti

It sounds silly, but don’t forget to remind your guests to bring confetti. So many venues don’t allow synthetic confetti now that many guests don’t bring their own. Check with your venue, find out what you can use and let your guests know. You can always provide your own too. It can be bought in bulk very cheaply from hundreds of online suppliers. If you’re the creative type, now’s the time to make some beautiful confetti cones for your guests to use.


Wedding confetti shots don’t coordinate themselves – we’ll do it for you. We’ll ask you to wait inside the wedding venue in the warm and dry so you can make a big exit. We will get the guests lined up outside the door and ready, angling both rows of guests into a widening V shape so they can be seen in the photo. Two completely straight lines result in faces being hidden behind long arms.

Wedding confetti

We will pre-warn everyone that after you walk out, we will count to three and then everyone will throw their confetti. We will be clear that they throw ON three not AFTER three!! Then we will ask you both to walk out between the two lines of confetti loaded guests, waiting for you to pass three or so guests before we count to three, this way it reigns down from behind you too.
We’ll take several pictures as you walk towards us so take your time and enjoy the moment. It’s entirely random, where the confetti falls so we will make sure we have a selection of photos to choose from afterwards.

Wedding confetti


Of course, you don’t have to have your guests throwing from the traditional two rows either. They can stand in a circle around you, or perhaps all on a wide set of stairs with you both at the bottom. They can even throw it from a balcony above you. It’s your day, we will work with you and suggest what would be best for your venue.

Wedding confetti


Canons are a great way to get plenty of confetti high into the air and are available online from plenty of suppliers, both small and large. Just make sure you give them to someone responsible to set off!

Wedding confetti


If your venue restricts the type of confetti you are allowed to throw then consider dried flowers or rice. The bigger the flower petals, the more of an impact they will make in your photos. Dried lavender, whilst smelling lovely, tends to hardly show in photos – and gets stuck in the brides hair leaving the head bridesmaid the tedious job of picking it all out! Rose petals are a little large and tend to obscure the happy couples face. Try something like mixed flowers or this Natural Biodegradable Delphinium Wedding Confetti for the perfect compromise. Or maybe try something completely different like bubble wedding favours or this display snow used at a winter wedding!!
The weather won’t put us off either. Rain or shine, everyone can still throw confetti. The wind direction can be a little restrictive and you may find one line of guests eating the confetti. If you’re a guest, choose your side wisely!!

Wedding confetti


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