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How to get the perfect wedding couples photos

After exchanging your vows and officially becoming a married couple, it’s time for us to capture your beautiful moments together in your wedding couples photos. We’ll find a secluded spot at your venue where you can enjoy some quiet and intimate moments as newlyweds and take a walk around your venue grounds. No need to worry about posing or how to stand, we’ll guide you through it all. It’s not about stuffy poses, but you both interacting together naturally and capturing the excitement of just becoming married! Our goal is to make your photos carefree and relaxed, reflecting the joy of the day. It’s your chance to spend some peaceful moments together away from your guests and have some private words.

We ideally love to have 20 mins with you after your family photos and then there’s a further opportunity to venue out (or stay in) after your wedding breakfast. It’s a good idea to have two separate photo sessions to be able to cover a larger variety of backdrops and explore the different light of the day. Golden hour, as the sun starts, to set is our favourite time of the day to capture your couples shots. We always keep an eye on the weather and will let you know when the ideal opportunity arises, whether that be a sunset, rainbow or a passing hot air balloon flying overhead!.

If you’d like to venture further for your photos, that’s absolutely fine too! We’ll happily follow your wedding car and stop at any locations you desire. It’s quite common to make a pit stop between the ceremony and reception venues, whether it’s a famous landmark, a spot with sentimental value, or simply a breathtaking view. Maybe you’d like a mini family shoot or a few cute pictures with your dogs (who you may think of as your children too)!

Speaking of unique options, many couples choose to have their reception at a golf course. We’ll reach out to the course in advance and, whenever possible, arrange for the use of a golf buggy. This opens up a world of possibilities to discover unique and stunning photo spots. Plus, it’s always a blast to cruise around in a buggy!

Now, let’s talk about the unpredictable British weather. We all know that even in summer, good weather isn’t always guaranteed. But don’t fret! We always come prepared with large bridal umbrellas to keep you dry. Plus, there are often great options for photo locations with tree canopies, archways at your venue, your wedding car (if you have one), or even a picturesque balcony. Since we’ll be with you throughout the day, if the weather clears up, we can head back outside for more photos. We’re flexible and ready to adapt to any situation, rain or shine.

Since our wedding packages include high-resolution digital images, you can use these photos for your thank you cards. And if you have a special sign or message you’d like to include for your guests, we’ll be more than happy to incorporate it.

Remember, this is a celebration of your love and commitment to each other, so we want you to have fun too! It’s not all seriousness and posing. Relax, giggle, hug, smooch and enjoy every moment of your day.

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