A group of wedding party holding sparklers.

How to get the perfect wedding sparkler photo

A sparkler addition to your wedding photos and film can be a fantastic finishing touch your incredible day. Your guests will also enjoy being part of the fun and it’s crazy how excited grown ups get about a waving a sparkler around! First though, we should talk about safety! A sparkler can be dangerous – it’s essentially fire on a stick, near lots of hairspray and an expensive wedding dress! Your wedding venue is usually happy to organise your wedding guests and let them know how to make it safe by running through some safety tips. In the absence of a wedding co-ordinator, we are happy to speak to your guests and let them know where they need to stand. We don’t recommend doing a sparkler shot around very inebriated guests, but the ultimate choice is down to you (and your venue). Always ensure a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher are in reach. Also, ensure you have somewhere for your guests to put their discarded sparklers such as a bucket of sand. Remember, they will still be very hot, so it’s important to dispose of them correctly (especially if there are any children around).

It needs to be as dark as possible, so if you are having a summer wedding, these photos must be planned for around 10pm-10:30pm. We offer an optional extended stay to cover things like sparklers, fireworks and extra dancing . Earlier in the evening just won’t be as spectacular and you won’t get that light/dark contrast. If you are having a Autumn/winter wedding, then it’s a good idea to have sparkers before the first dance, as it gets dark much quicker and you won’t disrupt the flow of your evening party. Also think about how chilly it might be late at night or during the winter and think about investing in some sort of shawl/wrap/jacket. You’ll be you’re able to enjoy the moment and try some different shots without turning blue!

Choosing the right sparklers is essential, don’t just purchase the fist ones you see. If they are too short, and they will burn too quickly. You’ll find that some sparklers will have already gone out by the time that the other sparklers are lit! Extra long sparklers will solve that problem and they are readily available. Don’t be tempted to go for the cheapest sparklers either, as these will often produce more smoke as they burn. This can be unpleasant and will also give a “foggy” feel to the photos, especially if you use large numbers. They should be at least 40cm long and good quality, giving you a decent burn time and little smoke. Here are the ones we can recommend – 18 inch sparklers.

Couples photos:

If you’re thinking of just using the sparklers as a couple, we have a few options. To get the best photos, you need to choose a spot with the least amount of ambient light. Preferably away from your venue, so there is a dark background for your shots. We can set up some creative long exposure shots where the pair of you need to stay extremely still in a pose for about 10 seconds while we run around you with a sparkler. This will create some lovely spiral sparkler effects in the final image. We’ll be the ones running around with the wedding sparkler for the individual pictures, but if you have someone else in mind to do this, make sure they are wearing black. Any light-coloured clothing will show up in the photo.

We can also take some pictures of you both holding the sparkers high near your face which will give you a nice soft golden glow in the pictures. Maybe you trust a few members of your wedding party and would like to add them for a selection of other images – no problem!

Before we light any wedding sparklers for your couples pictures, we’ll have a trial run so we know where we need to wave them to achieve your desired picture. Spirals around you or making a path are beautiful, and hearts are the obvious choice too!!  Ensure you have plenty of sparklers available (at least 2/3 per person) as these pictures can take several attempts to achieve.

Sparkler tunnel exit photos:

This is much like the confetti shot, only slightly more exciting and dangerous! We’ll ask you to wait inside the wedding venue in the warm and dry so you can make a big exit. We will get the guests lined up outside the door and ready with their wedding sparklers, angling both rows of guests into a widening V shape so they can all be seen in the photo. We’ll remind them to keep the sparklers up in the air so it makes a tunnel – not a fire hazard near your wedding dress.

Once everyone has a sparkler in the hand, we’ll ask several groups to their sparklers at the same time, then get those people to the people next to them. Hopefully, all of the sparklers will be lit at a similar time. Some venues have blow torches to light the sparklers and the team will do this for you. It’s worth asking what their policy is. If not, remember to purchase lots of good quality lighters. Once all of the sparklers are lit and high in the air, we will ask you both to walk out through the beautiful tunnel. You can each hold a couple of sparklers too which add to the final effect. Walk slowly, smile, laugh and enjoy the moment. Near the end of the line, we’ll ask you to stop and kiss. If you’re feeling brave, you could add a dramatic dip! This allows us to get some photos when everyone around moves in around you with their sparkers for that romantic shot, perfect for the wall.

In any case, if you are considering adding sparkers to your day, just let us know so we can advise you on the best plan and ensure we factor it into your wedding day timings. Don’t forget to tell the venue too!

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