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How to get the perfect wedding sparkler photo

First, lets talk safety!! A wedding sparkler is dangerous – it is fire on a stick, particularly in the hands of children and drunk wedding guests. Always make sure there is a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher in reach just in case. Also make sure you have somewhere for your guests to put their discarded sparklers. Remember, they will still be very hot.
It needs to be as dark as possible so if you are having a summer wedding, these photos need to be planned for after 11pm at night. Earlier in the evening just won’t be as spectacular. But these late night photos shoots are the perfect way to plan a grand “sparkler exit” to your car.
Choosing the right sparklers is important too. Too short and they will burn too quickly. Too cheap and they tend to produce a large amount of smoke which can be unplesant, especially if you are using large numbers of them. They should be at least 40cm long and of good quality, this should give you a decent burn time and little smoke from them. Here’s the ones we use – 18 inch sparklers.
Couples photos:
To get the best photos you need to choose a spot with the least amount of ambient light. Perferably away from your venue so there is a dark background for your photos. We’ll be the ones running around with the wedding sparkler for the individual photos, but if you do have someone else in mind to do this then make sure they are wearing black. Any light coloured clothing will show up in the photo.
Before we light any wedding sparklers we’ll have a trial run so we know where we need to wave them to achieve your desired picture. Spirals around you both are beautiful, hearts look great too. Words are more difficult (as we have to write them backwards) so please keep them short!!  Have plenty of sparklers available as these pictures (particularly if you are using members of the wedding party) can take several attempts to achieve.
Sparkler tunnel exit photos:
This is much like the confetti shot, only slightly more dangerous! We’ll ask you to wait inside the wedding venue in the warm and dry so you can make a big exit. We will get the guests lined up outside the door and ready with their wedding sparkler, angling both rows of guests into a widening V shape so they can all be seen in the photo. We’ll remind them to keep the sparklers up in the air so it makes a tunnel – not a fire hazard near your wedding dress.
Once everyone has a sparkler, we’ll ask someone to light two sparklers at each end of the lines and get those people to light everyone elses so they all are lit at a similar time. Once all the sparklers are lit and high in the air, we will ask you both to walk out through the beautiful tunnel. Walk slowly and enjoy the moment. Near the end of the line we’ll ask you to stop and kiss. This allows us to get some photos when you are lit by everyone around you.

Wedding sparkler photos

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