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LGBT Wedding Photography

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Are you looking for an LGBT+ Wedding Photographer?

We’ll accompany you throughout your special day, capturing each moment easily and elegantly. With two dedicated same-sex wedding photographers by your side, from the bridal preparations to the lively party celebrations, every detail will be beautifully documented. Trust in us; we won’t miss a thing. We’ve got your back.

LGBT Wedding Photographers

We’re Tracey and Jodie, LGBT+ wedding photographers. With love, laughter, and a sprinkle of magic, we’ve spent a decade capturing moments that take your breath away, making us the go-to for LGBT+ weddings.

LGBT Wedding Photos by Powder and Pearls

Can you tell we love to have fun with you at your wedding? We’ll be there to capture the epic events, the natural caught-in-the-moment pictures and everything in between.

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About us

We’re Tracey and Jodie, a wife and wife, same sex wedding photography and videography team behind Powder & Pearls. Having recently tied the knot ourselves, we genuinely understand the whirlwind of emotions of planning a wedding. With over a decade of experience, we’ve brought countless unique love stories to life through our lenses. Our approach? Friendly, organized, and always infused with a touch of fun. Beyond capturing moments, we offer a helping hand, whether with wedding details or ensuring everyone feels at ease. You’ll hardly notice we’re there, and hopefully we’ll blend in like two extra wedding guests to cheer you on.

On their Wedding Day at St Tewdrics House, two brides joyfully walk down the aisle as confetti is joyously thrown at them.
Photography by @Tom Curno

When not capturing love stories, we cherish adventures with our daughter, Eden, and love travelling the globe, often serendipitously encountering weddings. And let’s not forget our two fluffy rescue cats, Saffie and Princess, who eagerly await our return. Based in Yate, North Bristol, our door is always open for a heartwarming chat over tea and biscuits or video chats for those couples booking us from further afield.

Our Wedding Photography Style

At Powder and Pearls Wedding Photography and videography, we are passionate about capturing the unique love stories of our fabulous LGBT+ couples. Our approach is centred around documenting the entire journey of your special day with authenticity and beauty, respecting your story and ideas. We ensure that every cherished moment, from the first look to the party celebrations, is captured for you both to enjoy for years to come. Love is love and we want to capture YOUR individual and beautiful story.

We also offer optional bridal (or groom on request!), makeup touch-ups for our couples, ensuring you and your partner feel picture perfect all day long. Now let’s have some fun and start our journey together and we’ll be there every step of the way to celebrate you and your special day!

Client Testimonials

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How to plan your LGBT wedding

Planning your LGBT+ wedding involves combining traditional elements and personal touches that reflect your unique relationship. There really are no rules, do it your way! Start by setting a budget and choosing a wedding season or a date/month that holds significance for you (such as a proposal anniversary, or your favourite time of the year). When selecting a venue, look for beautiful, but also inclusive and welcoming spaces for LGBT+ couples. Thankfully this is easier to find nowadays and you’ll have lots of choice, whether you dream of getting married in a castle, barn or manor house. It’s important to find supportive and experienced suppliers in LGBT+ weddings, as they will be more attuned to your specific needs and preferences.

This is your day and it’s important to make it personal to you. One of our favourite things about being a wedding photographer and film maker is that each wedding is completely different, and every wedding day feels different. We use this as a challenge to ensure our couples final albums reflect their personalities and quirks.

Feel free to redefine traditional roles and customs to suit your relationship. For instance, you might opt for a non-traditional ceremony structure, to walk down the aisle together, or even get ready together, making the morning even more special. Incorporate symbols representing your journey as a couple, so every element of your day is personal to you both. We’ll make sure we capture those all important wedding day details that you have put so much thought into.

Finally, don’t forget to enjoy the journey! Planning a wedding can be stressful, but it’s also an opportunity to make beautiful memories with your partner and explore what’s important to you both. Stay true to yourselves, and your wedding will be a fabulous celebration of your unique love story. Leave it to us to provide you with the photographic memories and stunning films to re-live your day over and over again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Powder and Pearls for your LGBT+ wedding?

Choosing Powder and Pearls for your LGBT+ wedding means entrusting your special day to Tracey and Jodie, a wife and wife team that celebrates the diversity of love with over a decade of professional photography and videography experience. Our inclusive and understanding approach ensures that every unique love story is captured authentically and beautifully. Known for our friendly and warm personalities, we excel in creating stunning photos and film memories. We instantly put even the most camera shy couples at ease, allowing for natural and spontaneous moments. We”ll have fun with your guests and bridal/grooms party and truly fit into your day.

Offering a popular combined photography and videography package, We offer a cohesive and stunning visual storyboard of your wedding day. The glowing testimonials from hundreds of happy couples, especially within the LGBT+ community, show our commitment to inclusivity and exceptional photography and film making skills. Invest in your day and your memories with Powder and Pearls.

Jodie and Tracey xx

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