Prepare for your shoot


This is your time and it’s all about you feeling fantastic, so use this guide to get the most from your shoot. It’s incredibly important that you feel relaxed and confident on the day so make sure you prepare in a way that’s comfortable for you. We’ll sit down together before the shoot so I can find out exactly what you want, what helps you feel comfortable and if you have any concerns. We can also look at your clothing/lingerie and shoes and talk about what will work best in terms of poses and backdrops. If you’re having a make up package, Jodie will discuss your skin type and look at your colouring and lingerie to decide the best look to go for and ensure you’re happy with everything.  You also have the option to have false strip lashes applied included in the package which will really open up your eyes and add glamour.  Don’t worry if you’re not sure what will work best, we can offer advice and help you feel like a model!
Getting to our studio – just turn up about 10 minutes before your booking. We will have already set up the studio to meet your needs.  Our purpose built Photographic and make up studio is situated to the rear of my property and is totally private. You’ll find us at 29 Priors Lea, Yate, BS374DF. You can park right outside, don’t worry about blocking any cars in.

Powder and pearls map

Tanning – the last thing you want is sunburn or an orange glow! If you want a healthy tan by whatever means, make sure you do it at least 3 days before the photo shoot and be aware of any strap marks that may show up in the photos when you are wearing your underwear.
Tight clothing and underwear – try not to wear tight clothing next to your skin on the day of the shoot. Elastic from bras, knickers, waistbands and socks can leave a mark that will last for hours. Wear something loose fitting on the day of the shoot and use a deodorant that won’t leave any marks.
Clothing for the shoot –
Heels/boots – whether they end up on your feet or held over your shoulder, have a few pairs ready.  Classic stilettos work well but if you have a favourite pair of shoes bring them along and we’ll incorporate them into the shoot.  Try to bring something that will match your underwear choices or why not wear just heels with some luxurious fabrics and materials to cover your modesty and show off your fabulous shoes/boots?
Jewellery & accessories – try and find something to show off your neckline or bring attention to your hands and wrists. You could chose something that your partner finds particularly sexy. Some sparkly earrings or a bracelet will add a bit of glamour. If you having package 2 or 3 you may want to bring a couple of sets of jewellery so when you have your change of make up during the shoot you can also swap accessories and get a totally different look.  If you don’t think you have anything suitable we always have a few sets of jewellery to choose from.
If you have a partner….something of his/hers. Maybe there’s a favourite tie, some jewellery or something else personal you could use.  We welcome golf clubs, guitars, boxing gloves – anything that your partner (or you) have an special interest in.
Sexy lingerie (at least 2 sets for package one, 4 sets for package two and unlimited for package three).  This could be a bra/knicker set or a basque/corset or maybe even a sexy dress.  You can mix and match or wear none at all but make sure you have some to chose from in at least two colours. Think about your favourite parts of your body, the bits you want to show off most and find something to compliment them. You don’t have to go naked if you don’t want to, but it can be fun and liberating and we can use clever lightening, positioning and props/fabrics to ensure that you can cover any body parts you want whilst still ‘appearing naked’.
If you’ve treated your self to some new underwear or dug it out of the wardrobe, please try it on first to check it’s comfortable and fits.  Stockings always look great on a boudoir shoot and if you’d like to model some during your shoot make sure you have a suspender belt or bring hold ups.
Food and drink – try to drink plenty the week before the shoot so that your skin looks well hydrated and have something light and healthy to eat a few hours beforehand so you don’t get hungry.  If you choose to have your shoot in our studio, we will keep you refreshed with a choice of tea/coffee and wine!
Nails – painting your nails can make all the difference, any chips may show up in the finished pictures. Perhaps this is a great chance to pamper yourself with a manicure/pedicure that will make you feel amazing and relaxed before the shoot too.
Makeup – professional make up is included in the packages so please don’t wear any make up to the shoot (OK if you can’t leave the house without it, then minimal make up is fine). Jodie will talk to you beforehand to discuss your chosen make up look and be able to advise you on colours that will suit you.  You’ll also have the option to have false lashes which always add a touch of glamour to any look.
Moisturise – from top to toe!
Hair – think about a style that will suit your chosen themes. Don’t go too wild and pick something you may not be comfortable with. It’s best to wear your hair down so you get the chance to “flick”. As part of the makeover, Jodie will be with you throughout the shoot to adjust your hair and make sure it falls in a way that will complement the pose.  Please arrive with hair styled the way you want it – e.g. straight or curled and Jodie can always add finishing touches and volume and if you opt for package two and above, Jodie will help you change the look slightly during the shoot so you get a wide variety of photos to choose from.
Things to bring or have to hand 
*Hair accessories like clips and flowers or maybe a tiara/veil if you’re having a Bridal shoot (we can also provide these).
*Robe/dressing gown – to keep you warm and comfortable between pics and while you’re having your make up applied.
*Props – whilst props will be provided, you may have some of your own you would like to use. It could be anything – an item of clothing (e.g. long gloves/fur shrug), an object, or a special gift your partner gave you.  If you’ve booked the baby bump theme you may want to bring some baby booties or a cute teddy to include in the photos.  If you have booked a bridal shoot we have various wedding props but if you want to make the shoot more personal why not bring a lucky horseshoe, your wedding underwear, veil, pearls, garter etc
Most of all – don’t worry!  If you’ve got any concerns before the shoot please don’t hesitate to ring or email us.  We look forward to creating stunning pictures that you will treasure…..Tracey & Jodie xx