A close up of a bride's hands holding a wedding ring.

Stuck wedding ring

Wedding days are filled with moments that couples hope to remember forever. However, one memory no one wants to have is the struggle of a stuck wedding ring. Not only can it cause a momentary panic, but it also can be a physical discomfort that distracts from your ceremony and wedding day.

The symbolism of a wedding ring slipping smoothly onto the finger is significant; it represents a seamless start to married life and the easy flow of commitment. Practically, a stuck wedding ring is uncomfortable and can give you a very sore and swollen finger. If it does happen though, the most import thing is not to panic. We have removed two stuck wedding rings over the years using the method below. Check out this tip on how to get that stuck wedding ring off, without it having to be cut off! It really does work and it’s worth knowing 💍

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