A sweet cart with a variety of sweets on it, perfect for a wedding.

Wedding sweet cart

No wedding is complete without some sweet or savoury treats for your wedding guests to enjoy in the evening. The party often doesn’t start until quite late, and even with a buffet on its way, everyone enjoys nibbling on some treats. It’s not just for the kids, the adults will be first in line to grab some treats and maybe even bring a little one up to the table as an excuse!!

Plenty of great companies will bring a fully stocked sweet cart along to your big day, but why not create your own and make it personal and themed with the rest of your day? You can buy pretty much everything you need online or at a wholesale store such as Costco surprisingly cheaply – saving you money to spend elsewhere and giving you complete creative control.

Purchase some large jars, scoops/tongs, and sweet bags, and then comes the fun part – choosing your sweets. Remember that not all sweets are vegetarian or nut/gluten-free. Are you a classic shrimp and banana fan? Perhaps you prefer a handful of coke bottles or something more chocolatey. You can be as creative as you like and keep everything aligned with your theme, even ordering personalised sweet paper bags. Fairy lights and artificial flowers look fantastic draped through the arrangement, as well as some bunting. Add some personalised signs inviting people to help themselves and handwritten tags to describe the goodies on offer.  Then, sit back as the guests appreciate your hard work.

Not a massive fan of sweets? Why not go for donut wall instead? Who doesn’t enjoy a lovely, sugary, ring donut? Again, lots of companies will supply the donut wall, complete with donuts, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. They’ll even come to your venue to set it up, and remove it the next day.

Don’t fancy the idea of sweets? There are loads of other nibble options without going for a full buffet. Miniature cream tea? Cheese and chutney (a great option if you had a cheese wedding cake)? Or, if it’s the height of summer, why not bring in an ice cream van or cart while your guests relax outside?  

A crisp wall has been very popular recently and they go down very well in the evening with the wedding guests after a few drinks. It’s quite simple to make a crisp wall or hoop yourself, or you could leave it to the experts and hire the whole thing.

If you want to provide a healthier option along side the sweeties, how about a giant fruit tower? Full of your 5 a day, it not only looks epic, but is totally guilt free!

The list is endless. You can create an excellent and extensive choice for your guests that will keep them happy whenever the munchies hit…plus you’ll have enough leftovers to last you for quite some time! The most important thing of all when deciding on what type of evening treat to serve, is to ensure that you both like them (and find the time to enjoy some yourself).

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